All instructions about how to set up Cookie-Script properly

Cookie badge

According to GDPR, website visitor should be able to change his cookie settings (withdraw consent) as easy as agree to cookie usage. This means visitors should be able to do this on any page and not search for a specific page with Cookie Policy.

If you are not happy about badges on your site, you can add Cookie Settings button/checkbox on your Cookie Policy page only.

We have created this functionality very flexible and adjustable for almost any website design

You can set this up using just 2 options: 


1  Show badge option:

Yes After visitor clicks Agree / Disagree button in a popup, a badge (badge design is set in next option) will be shown on every page allowing visitor to change his choice. 

No Nothing else will be shown on the page after user clicks Agree / Disagree button in cookie popup. Visitor can only change his selection on Cookie Policy page (or any other page where you add Cookie Settings button/checkbox).


2 Cookie badge text/image option:

Text: Fill this option with a text that you want to see in a badge. Here is example of how badge will look on your website:


Image: You can instead fill this field with image link (URL), like and cookie badge will be shown as your custom image. We do not offer file upload since we focus on code hosting. 

Note: your image will be automatically scaled down to become 45px wide. You can change this with your own CSS styles

Default Cookie-Script logo: Leave this option blank and we will show Cookie-Script logo:



Note: cookie badge is automatically placed in the same position (left/right, top/bottom) as your cookie popup. This can also be customized with your own CSS styles
Note: cookie badge with text is colored same way as cookie popup box