All instructions about how to set up Cookie-Script properly

Integration with Google Analytics

Google-AnalyticsOk, this one is pretty cool. It is now possible to integrate Cookie Script with Google Analytics!

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools to analyze visitor behavior on the website. If you are using Google Analytics, you can now easily connect it with Cookie Script pop-up on your website. This can be done in the new option “Enable Cookie Statistics”, set it to “Use Google Analytics”:


All statistics about visitor interaction with cookie pop-up box is saved as Events in Google Analytics. You can see it in Google Analytics > Behavior > Events. All events are saved under “Cookie Script” category. Here is what actions you can get:

  1. Show – triggered when cookie pop-up is displayed.
  2. Accept – triggered when user clicked “Accept” button in pop-up box. Note that if you set up automatic accept after some time (if set up in Cookie Script settings) will not trigger this event.
  3. Read more – triggered if user clicks “Read more” button.

This is both simple and powerful tool to analyze user behavior and optimize your cookie pop-up settings. Here is just a few of hundreds applications where you can use this data:

  • Show how many visitors are reading/accepting/ignoring you cookie policy.
  • Show how many purchases (or other goals) are done with/without accepting/reading cookie policy.
  • Show if foreign country visitors accept/ignore/read cookie policy.
  • Show how many mobile visitors accept/ignore/read cookie policy.
  • Export all kinds of reports or send them by email.
  • And much-much more.

Google Analytics also takes care of tracking Unique and non-Unique events. If you are not familiar with Google Analytics Events, you can read more about it on Google Help page.

You will also notice there are two more choices for “Enable Cookie Statistics” option:

  1. Enable – Uses Cookie Statistics tool to collect data about user behavior on the website. Not so advanced as Google Analytics, but can be used as alternative.
  2. Disable – Disables any Cookie Statistics. Use this option if you do not care about monitoring user behavior. This will reduce number of requests to our servers.
This feature is available in selected pricing plans. See our Pricing plans for more details.