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We got several requests to make a new minimalistic design, similar to the one used by website.

We are now happy to announce that new design has been implemented and available when creating new cookie script item. In order to use it, select the following design option:

minimalistic design

As a result, you will have the following pop-up box on your website:


Similar to other designs, this one can be placed top/bottom and left/right.

New design is not usual since there is no “I agree” button. Instead, it was replaced by a close button marked with “x”. Closing button is colored same way as “I agree” button, so users with premium subscription can change background color of circle and color of “x” inside.

Link to your cookie policy is placed right after the description, therefore you can end your description with something like “in accordance with our” and then make cookie policy title “Cookie Policy”. You will get similar result as on the screenshot above.

Go ahead and try new design in action. If you have any comments, please let us know.