All instructions about how to set up Cookie-Script properly

Subdomains and autohide

We are getting a lot of warm and thankful words from our users. Some of them are also very constructive and people ask us to implement new functionality.

Today we are happy to announce that two new options requested by our users have been implemented.

Apply for subdomains.

This option will be useful for websites where same pop-up box is shown on many subdomains. Let’s say you have a website with some subdomains:

You can use this new option to remember user agreement for cookie usage and only show pop-up box once. In this case you need to place same Cookie Script code in all subdomain pages. You can find new option in the list of options for each Cookie Script:


If you do not have subdomains on your website or you are not sure about this option, just keep it set to “No”. Misuse of this option will not make any problems with displaying your pop-up box.

Hide pop-up automatically.

This option can be used if you don’t want to annoy your visitors with pop-up box too much. You can now hide cookie pop-up box automatically after a certain number of seconds. It will hide smoothly, so your visitors will have a great experience browsing website.

Auto hide option can be left blank if you do not want to hide pop-up box automatically.



We are trying our best to keep Cookie Script both user friendly and functional solution. If you have any wishes or functionality requests, please let us know and we will do our best to implement it. You can contact us on contact page or via facebook page.