All instructions about how to set up Cookie-Script properly

Some users are not aware of what secure connection is and how it is related to Cookie Script, so we decided to give a little explanation on this. 

In few words, secure connection enables a more secured way of user interaction with website. That's why major websites like and use secure connection. You can see it as a green lock in a browser address bar (looks differently in different browsers):


Secure connection is often used in web-shops during checkout in order to protect customer personal and credit cart information. If you don't have secure connection (green lock) on your website, then you can use regular HTTP connection.

If your website has a page where secure connection is used, all scripts and elements on that page must be attached using a secure connection as well. Otherwise green lock will become grey and users will see a warning:



Cookie Script can support secure connection, which means all your secured pages will remain fully secured and will show green lock without warnings (unless you have some other unsecured content).

You can choose either to use HTTP or HTTPS connection in your cookie-script item > Use item:



  • If you don't know which one to choose, just use HTTP
  • If you have both pages with and without HTTPS, use HTTPS. It will automatically switch back to HTTP if needed.
  • Secure connection is available for premium membership users.