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Latest news

Cookie-Script popup design was not updated for quite a while and we decided it's time to make pop-up box look more modern. For that we have added an option Pop-up theme in Appearance tab. You can still choose old theme called Rounded, but all new items will have a more modern look by default(theme called Squared). 

You can still choose a type of popup you want to use in design option and adjust all colors in Colors tab (custom colors available only for paid customers).

GDPR is a regulation created for all websites that operate and collect user data within EU members states. It is not required to collect consents from visitors coming outside of European Union.

In order to meet our client demand, we have created an option to only target visitors coming from EU countries. This can be set when getting code of your item by clicking Use item button:


Click HTTP + GEO targeting button to see the code with included geo-targeting. Visitors from outside EU will not see cookie Popup in this case.

It requires you to update Cookie-Script code on your website if you are not using EU geo-targeting yet.
Geo-targeting does not work with self-hosted code since visitor IP is checked on Cookie-Script servers.
Geo-targeting is available in paid subscriptions.

GDPR rules are complicated and take quite some time to understand. This is why we have added special box next to most important settings to let you know if your settings are GDPR compliant. This is how it looks: 


Those notes are updated dynamically when you change your settings. 

This is final update of Cookie-Script to meet all GDPR requirements.

Cookie-Script now allows you to collect and record visitor consents. The exact explanation of how it works will be published soon. 

How to enable visitor consent recording?

Consent recording can be enabled for each item individually. Just set "Collect visitor consents" (currently last) option to "Yes": 


You have to enable this option manually for existing items created before 2018-05-24. It is automatically enabled for all new items.

How to download consent log?

You can download it in your account menu choosing Download visitor consent menu item. You then have to select what item you want to download consents for and a period of time:


Note: Consents are synchronized every 20 minutes, so it can take up to 20 minutes for particular consent to appear in report

What do I get? 

A ZIP file will be downloaded automatically. Zip file contains a list of CSV files, one for each day for the chosen period. 

Inside a CSV file you will find a list with the following data for each "I agree" click:

1 Unique key that is saved in visitor's cookies. This key can be used to check if user actually gave consent.
2 User action (accept / reject). 
3 Masked IP address of a visitor. Last digits are set to 0, so it is not considered as private data.
4 Date and time when user clicked the button. Date and time currently is taken from user browser, so you have to adjust for possible timezone differences
5 Page where consent was given
6 User browser agent 

As you can see, none of the data above can be considered private data, so you do not need any extra consent from user to use Cookie-Script. 

Pro subscription

Consent record option is a part of new Pro payment plan due to extra server usage for constant consent recording. 

If you already have Premium membership, you only pay the difference between Premium and Pro (20 €). Just buy Pro as normal and discount will be automatically applied.

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