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Latest news

This is the biggest update we have done to the Cookie-Script so far. 

Our team is happy to present you new functionality in Cookie-Script: Cookie Scanner. It allows you to scan your website cookies and list them in the popup box and on Cookie Policy page. 

Your website will be scanned regullary and cookie report will be updated automatically. Cookie Scanner automatically assigns cookies to categories and adds discriptions. 

Right now Cookie Scanner is available for everyone from our frontpage. Best part - you will receive results right away, no need to provide your email address, check spam folder and wait for the report to arrive.

Within upcoming days Cookie Scanner will be available for all Cookie-Script items.

Cookie-Script is a service that helps users to comply with GDPR requirements when it comes to cookies. Our tool is mostly used by website owners, web developers and web agencies.

A lot of our clients are either doing website development or building websites from scratch. For that they usually use some kind of Content Management Systems (CMS), for example Wordpress, Joomla, PrestaShop or OpenCart.


Why Magento?

Another popular e-commerce Content Management System is Magento. It is designed for advanced web shops, has a big community and is considered world's #1 eCommerce Platform. It has been released over 11 years ago and keeps growing and improving.


How to make e-shop with Magento?

Making eCommerce website with Magento is pretty straight forward: just download installation file, unpack it, go through installation process and you are ready to go. However having default looking e-shop is not too professional, so in most cases users need to design or buy pre-designed theme for the e-shop. Making unique design for Magento CMS could be quite pricy and buying pre-designed template will mean some other webshop has the same look.


Template generator - easiest way to start unique Magento e-store.

Another option to start webshop with a custom look and not spend thousands of dollars - use Magento Theme Generator. We are happy to announce that Cookie-Script has partnered with the only web based Magento Theme Generator: Theme Factory.

Theme-Factory is a platform for designing and making Magento Themes online, no need to download or install anything. You can always adjust a look of your webshop as you want, add custom backgrounds, adjust page elements, colors and sizes.


The cool part.

Since Cookie-Script users are often involved in website designing and creation, we are giving away a 50% discount for Theme Factory services. Yes, you heard it right: all Cookie-Script users can use Theme-Factory services with a 50% discount, just use the following code when buying Theme-Factory services: COOKIEDISCOUNT


Today we are happy to introduce translations - one of the most requested functionalities for Cookie-Script. From now on you can translate single Cookie-Script item to many languages and cookie popup will be shown in proper language automatically. 

You can find all translations for current item in the Translations tab

How website language is detected? 

There are few ways you can set up Cookie-Script to detect currently selected website language: 

1 Disabled: do not use translations

2 Auto detect language: try to detect language with HTML tag and if that fails, try to detect language with current webpage URL.

3 HTML tag only: This is most common option. Usually website has currently selected language written in HTML tag, which makes it usefull for any automated software to detect website language. HTML tag is a top parent element for all other elements on the page.


<html lang="it">

4 Website URL only: Current page link is analyzed for any existing languages, Translation is applied if language code is found in the link. 


would trigger Italian translation since page URL contains /it/

How do I add new translations?

Adding new translations is pretty straight forward, just click + Add translation button, choose translation language and fill in all the translatable fields. You can add many translations to same item. If some languages are not needed, you can delete them with Delete translation button.

Note: If user agreed to cookie usage in one language, his choice will be remembered in other language.
Note: In case certain translation string is not available in translation, original (non translated) text will be used.

Custom languages

We have included all EU languages for selection and also added pre-defined translations for those languages. However if you need to translate Cookie-Script popup to some other language, just choose Other language... in language selector and enter custom language code. 

In order to add Cookies-Script (or any other custom code) to you must have Premium membership on
Adding a Cookie-Script snippet to is possible only via HTTPS protocol.

To add your Cookie-Script snippet to your site:

1 Go to Settings in your site's dashboard.
2 Click the Tracking & Analytics tab under Advanced Settings.

wix menu
3 Click + New Tool and select Custom from the dropdown.
4 Copy your Cookie-Script code (it should be HTTPS protocol)

Screenshot 2hiuhiu5
5 Paste copied Cookie-Script snippet as shown below 

Screenshot 25HIU

6 Click Apply.

How to add a Cookie-Script snippet to via "Google Tag Manager"

It is assumed that you have already had experience with GTM and your GTM account is created, also you created a website container in GTM and added the GTM container snippet to your website as required:

1 Go to Settings in your site's dashboard.
2 Click the Tracking & Analytics tab under Advanced Settings
3 Click + New Tool and select Google Tag Manager from the dropdown.
4 Enter GTM Container ID:
5 Click Apply.