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Scan your website and get a detailed cookie declaration report with automatically categorized cookies 

Features and benefits

Many cookie compliance solutions offer you to use a cookie checker to scan a website for cookies. However, a simple cookie test would usually fail to collect all cookies from more complex websites since that requires some advanced technologies, like executing existing JavaScript scripts and browsing a website with an actual web browser.

No email required

Trust in the Internet is a huge topic in today's world. This is why most people think twice before entering their private information, like an email address on unknown websites. As a result, email addresses get leaked or stolen, users get spammed forever, and sometimes are forced to change their email addresses.

This is why here at CookieScript we do not require you to enter an email to try out our Cookie Scanner. Using our cookie checker you can scan your website absolutely for free, without providing any extra information. This is mostly possible thanks to the quick scanning process, which was also our main goal when developing Cookie Scanner.

Monthly updates

Cookie Scanner is an important part of the CookieScript system; therefore, we analyze every inquiry from our users regarding our cookie checker. As a result, we implement new features and updates in Cookie Scanner every month, bringing new cookie checker functionality to our clients.

Scan individual pages

Another key difference of our cookie checker is the possibility to scan separate pages and subfolders, rather than just full domains. The same goes for the cookie consent banner: you are not forced to use domain only – this might be handy in the development stages when your website is hosted in a subfolder.

Free to scan

You can always try our Cookie Scanner for free and see yourself what are cookies on websites and which of them are used on your website.

Cookie Scanner scans 10 pages of your website when used without registering an account.

Pre-build database of cookies

Cookie Scanner comes with a database of 100.000+ most commonly used cookies, grouped by categories and with a pre-assigned description that explains what every cookie is used for. Our statistics show that on average this should cover 80% of your website cookies, so you won't need to write your description or think about categorizing cookies.

All cookie descriptions are also translated to 34 languages that the CookieScript banner supports.

Automatic detection of special cookies

We have spent some extra time to make Cookie Scanner even smarter. An updated version of our website cookie analyzer can now automatically detect special cookies:

Cookies with unique names

Some cookies (like Google Analytics cookies) have unique names which include unique identifiers of the user account. Cookie Scanner automatically identifies those cookies and assigns categories and descriptions to those cookies.

Cookies with random names

Many popular content management systems generate session cookies with random names. For example, WooCommerce can set up a session cookie which looks like this: wp_woocommerce_session_f919208d949256bc062e5c23e02ba9a2, where 'f919208d949256bc062e5c23e02ba9a2' is just a random string. Our cookie checker automatically detects those cookies and saves them as a pattern in Cookie Report. This is set to avoid new session cookies being added to your Cookie Report after every automatic scanning. More about this in the pattern cookies article.

Fast scanning

It could be irritating to be forced to wait in a queue for half an hour just to get a demo cookie test of your website. That's why we did our best to create a tool that works as a website cookie analyzer quickly and effectively.

Depending on your website speed it takes around 10-15 seconds to scan 10 website pages on average.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cookie scanner?

A cookie scanner sometimes referred to as a cookie checker, or GDPR website scanner scans websites for all cookies and then provides a report to be used to ensure that your website is operating within any necessary privacy regulations. It’s important to make sure your cookie checker uses advanced technologies capable of detecting cookies from more advanced websites.