Make your website cookies comply with GDPR

Cookie Script helps you to comply with European Cookie Law and GDPR. Make your own cookie information popup, no programming skills required. You can even use it for free.

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What you get

A tool to comply with GDPR and EU Cookie Law

Cookie-Script helps to comply with EU e-Privacy Directive and GDPR

Various design options

Create a pop-up that works best for your website

Block third-party cookies

Cookie-Script allows you to block first-party and third-party cookies

Collect and download consents

You can track and download all visitor consents as required by GDPR

Geo targeting

You can show privacy policy pop-up only for visitors from EU countries

Auto-detect any EU language

Translate your cookie popup box to any language and it will automatically show up in proper language

Why Cookie-Script?

Single place for all your websites

Control all your websites from one account, it has never been easier.

No cookies before user agrees to privacy policy

Cookie-Script can delete all cookies until visitor agrees to Cookie Policy.

Users can withdraw consent at any time from any page

Follow GPDR rules and allow your users to withdraw cookie consent at any time on any page

Works on any website

Use this solution on any platform: Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, Magento or any other.

Allows strictly necessary cookies

Choose what cookies are strictly necessary for your website to work.

Includes self-hosted solution

You can download generated JavaScript files and host Cookie-Script yourself.

Complying with GDPR is



Create a cookie policy popup box. Customize text, appearance and behavior to match your website design and functionality.


Copy code

Insert generated JavaScript code on your website to show GDPR cookie compliance popup message.


Show cookie popup

Now your website visitors can choose how cookies are used.

Download user's consents

All consents and rejects are recorded and can be downloaded at any time.

Why do I need this solution?

Why do I need GDPR Compliance solution?

All websites owned in the EU or targeted towards EU citizens, are now expected to comply with EU Directive (from May 25 also with GDPR) and inform consumers about how information about them is collected by websites.

What will happen if I ignore Cookie Directive and General Data Protection Regulation?

You may get a fine. Fines can go up to 20 million Euros or 4 percent of annual global turnover, whichever is highest. Cookie Script is a great solution to comply with EU Cookie Law and GDPR.

Why this is better than other solutions?

We have a unique set of functionalities that no other solution provides. We also try to keep the price low, so Cookie-Script is affordable for everyone.

How do I use Cookie Script?

All you need to do is copy generated JavaScript code and insert it on your website. You can also download generated JavaScript file and host it on your server. It works perfectly on any CMS or e-commerce platform: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Blogger, PrestaShop, TYPO3, Shopify, BigCommerce, vBulletin, Zen Cart or any other.

What can I customize in cookie popup?

You can choose the type of cookie popup box and all texts that it shows. It is also possible to select position of the popup message on your page and light or dark color style. We also have some options to control how pop up behaves. Try it on demo page. Premium subscription allows you to change all colors of cookie popup box. We constantly update our cookie consent solution and publish all updates in our news section.

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