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Cookie Statistics Tool

The Cookie Statistics Tool allows you to see all necessary statistics about interactions with the banner elements and Cookie Categories. You can use the Cookie Statistics Tool to experiment with banner settings and see how that is reflected in the user's behavior. Cookie Statistics Tool also allows you to analyze how many visitors actually agree with your Cookie Policy and adjust it accordingly.

The Cookie Statistics Tool will only collect analytics data if enabled in your CookieScript item settings.

Cookie Statistics Tool's main features.

Here are some features that are currently implemented in Cookie Statistics Tool. 


The summary section shows you general info about your Cookie Banner

  1. Cookie scans completed;
  2. When was the website last scanned;
  3. How many pages were scanned during the last scan;
  4. How many cookies were found during the last scan?

Number of script requests 

This graph shows how many requests per day were sent to our servers to get the Cookie Banner JavaScript code. One request usually means one pageview, unless Cookie Banner is cached in the user's browser. 

stats summary

If you are using our self-hosted solution, you will not see any data in this graph since no requests are done to our servers.

Interactions with the banner

The interactions section shows how users interact with your banner: which buttons are clicked and how often. 

stats actions

Cookie category preferences

The cookie category preferences section shows user preferences by categories: which Cookie Categories were selected and how often. This graph shows data for cases when individual categories were selected. If the user selects to accept all cookies, no individual categories are tracked. This graph is only available if you have scanned your website cookies and are actually using Cookie Categories.

stats cats

Note that the Strictly Necessary Category is not tracked since the user cannot actually choose whether to use it or not.

Date selection

We have added a convenient date selection that allows you to either choose a custom date range or select one of the pre-defined date ranges. 

stats dates

All charts are adjustable, you can always enable/disable chart elements by clicking on the data annotation title.

New to CookieScript?

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