Cookie-Script development progress

Update log

Improved banner sharing functionality

CookieScript keeps improving services available for agencies. A popular banner sharing functionality got even better. It is now possible to share a banner to any email, even if the user does not have an account at CookieScript

When sharing a banner to an email that is not registered at CookieScript, a new CookieScript user will be created and an email with login and password will be sent to the user. 

This feature is especially useful for agencies that manage client accounts and want to give access to the banner settings or statistics. Previously, agency clients had to register an account to be able to accept sharing invitations. Now, the account is created automatically, and sharing invitations are also accepted automatically for new users. The client only needs to log in with the credentials received by email.


  • CookieScript banner sharing functionality, the banner can be shared to any email.

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