Cookie-Script development progress

Update log

New Feature: Download All Items with Settings as CSV file.

CookieScript has introduced a handy new feature that lets you export all your items and settings into a CSV file. This is a great addition for those looking to manage and document their Cookie Consent settings more effectively.

Just head over to your CookieScript dashboard and click the "Export to CSV" button.

This new export option is all about making your data management and compliance tasks simpler and more convenient. We hope you find it useful for keeping your website administration smooth and stress-free!


  • Export of all banner settings to a CSV file

WordPress plugin, Google Ad Tech Providers and more

A set of improvements that our customers mostly requested:


  • WordPress Plugin Update: Users can now use CookieScript directly within WordPress without needing a CookieScript account. This update simplifies integration, making it quicker and easier to comply with web regulations.
  • Expanded Vendor Selection: Users can now choose from Google Ad Tech Providers in addition to IAB vendors. This additional flexibility allows for more precise control over ad technology providers to better meet advertising and privacy needs.
  • Improved Cookie Library: The cookie library has been doubled in size and now categorizes and adds descriptions to 35% more cookies on average. This enhancement provides users with more comprehensive information and better management of cookies.
  • Enhanced Cookie Manager UI: The Cookie Manager now includes checkboxes for deleting multiple cookies simultaneously. This feature improves usability by streamlining the cookie management process.

New feature: Cross-Domain Cookie Consent

Cookie Script introduces an efficient way to manage Cookie Consent across multiple domains via a single banner, enhancing user experience. This feature allows for a unified consent setting across grouped websites, ensuring consistency in user preferences.

For detailed instructions and more insights on cross-domain consent, visit How to Enable Cross-Domain Cookie Consent and General Article on Cross-Domain Consent.

Whitelabeled dashboard

CookieScript introduces the White-labeled Dashboard, a transformative feature for web agencies to resell our solutions under their brand. Host the CookieScript dashboard on your domain or subdomain, complete with your logo and brand colors for a seamless client experience.

Key Highlights:

Branding on Your Terms: Utilize your domain with your branding for a personalized touch.
Simplified Setup: Add a DNS CNAME record to your chosen domain/subdomain. No complex integrations are required.
Unified Brand Experience: Automatic redirection for users and branded communications ensures a cohesive look and feel.

For more information, check out the article about a white-labeled dashboard.


  • Improved Cookie Banner startup wizard with Technology selector for better initial configuration of the banner.

Cookie Banner improvements

We're excited to announce some fantastic updates to our service, designed to enhance your experience and make your cookie banners more attractive and user-friendly. Here's what's new:

Improved Cookie Banner Design: We've given our cookie banners a fresh look with more contrast colors and better element alignment, making them more eye-catching and easier to read. Plus, we've added a language selector to our small banner design, making it easier for your visitors to choose their preferred language.

Introducing the Accent Color Option: Customizing your Cookie Banner just got a whole lot easier! Our new accent color feature allows you to add a splash of color to certain elements of your Cookie Banner. This simple, yet powerful tool is perfect for aligning your banner with your brand's color scheme. Just select your desired accent color, and watch your banner transform!

Flexibility and Compatibility: We understand the importance of having options. That's why you can always roll back to a previous color palette by disabling the accent color feature. Don't worry, all existing banners with light or dark designs will retain their current color palette. But if you're feeling adventurous, you can switch them to the new design with just a click by selecting an accent color.

Available Across All Plans: The best part? This new accent color feature is available to everyone, regardless of your pricing plan. Yes, even our Free plan users can enjoy this update!

Note: If you had a highly customized banner, it's recommended to check if the new changes did not affect your customizations.

We're committed to continuous improvement and value your feedback. Try out these new features and let us know what you think. Your insights help us make CookieScript even better for everyone.


  • Accent color option


Dashboard improvements

We have made some adjustments to how elements are placed in the dashboard. Cookie Banner settings were re-arranged and a new group was added to the Behavior tab: Frameworks. It now includes Google Consent Mode v2, IAB TCF 2.2, Facebook Pixel, GPC, and GA4 events.

Cookie Banner Analytics can be enabled using a dedicated option and can be found in the Main Settings tab.

We have also added some improvements to allow users to enable certain settings where they are needed. Like Consents and Analytics tabs allow you to enable necessary settings right in those tabs.


  • Dashboard improvements

Local Storage and Session Storage scanning and blocking

The new feature is designed to enhance transparency and compliance with data privacy regulations. When used, the CookieBanner displays information about the Local Storage and Session Storage used by a website in its cookie declaration. This includes details about the type of data stored and the purpose of the storage. The inclusion of local and session storage in the cookie declaration helps users understand how their data is being used and stored, alongside traditional cookies. This option is particularly useful for websites looking to provide comprehensive information about all types of data storage they utilize, thereby fostering trust and ensuring compliance with privacy laws.

All cookie scans from 2024-01-15 will automatically pick up Local Storage and Session Storage from your website. Showing them in the banner is optional and can be enabled in your banner > Cookies > "Show Local Storage and Session Storage in cookie declaration". If the website was scanned before 2024-01-15, you can just re-scan it. Local Storage and Session Storage can be assigned to categories in your banner > Cookies > Storage report tab. By default, all storages land in the Strictly Necessary category, you can assign them to a different category manually.


New Feature: Enhanced Cookie Banner Analytics!

We're excited to announce a valuable addition to our Cookie Banner Analytics - now you can track the accept, reject, and ignore rates of your cookie banners! This insightful feature is seamlessly integrated into the Analytics section of the banner, complementing our existing analytics data. Unlike other statistics, these rates are calculated per user, providing a more precise understanding of individual interactions with your banners.

To start seeing user interaction rates, simply re-save your banner, and you'll begin collecting this new set of data. Remember, Cookie Banner Analytics is an exclusive feature of our Plus plan. For more insights and tips on how to get the most out of our analytics tools, feel free to visit us at CookieScript Documentation. We're here to help you make the most of your website's user experience!


Google Consent Mode V2

CookieScript has introduced a significant update to enhance its functionality with Google Consent Mode V2. This update is vital for users utilizing the GTM (Google Tag Manager) CookieScript template. It addresses recent modifications in permission settings within the GTM template, which are crucial for the efficient functioning of Google Consent Mode V2.

It's important for users to update their GTM CookieScript template to the latest version to avoid any compatibility issues with the Cookie Banner.

This update is strongly recommended to ensure that website operations remain smooth and compliant​


New option: Full-page overlay

Great news! We've added a new feature to CookieScript – the "Full-page overlay" option. This handy addition allows a dark, semi-transparent screen to cover your webpage, making sure visitors see and interact with your Cookie Policy first thing. It's a simple yet effective way to manage cookie consents, especially useful for full-screen designs where it's enabled by default. You can find and tweak this option under the Design tab, in the "Banner type" section. We hope this makes your website management a little smoother and your visitors' experience a bit clearer!


  • New option: Full-page overlay

New feature: Cookie Vendor editor

Welcome to the newest feature from CookieScript: the Cookie Vendor Editor! This handy tool lets you easily edit vendor information for each cookie right in your Cookie Banner settings. Just go to 'Banner Settings > Cookies' and click the "Edit Vendor" link next to any cookie. Change the vendor's name or update their Privacy Policy URL in a few clicks. It's a simple, friendly way to make your Cookie Consent banner more personal and compliant. 

You can also keep using vendor information from our Cookie Library if needed.


  • Vendor editor


  • Fixes of known bugs

Support for IAB TCF 2.2

We're thrilled to announce a significant update that you've been eagerly awaiting – CookieScript now supports IAB TCF 2.2! This update brings you more control and compliance, ensuring your website stays ahead in the ever-evolving world of online privacy.


  • IAB TCF 2.2 support
  • Easy Updating: Already using CookieScript? Great news – updating to IAB TCF 2.2 is a breeze! Simply re-save your banner settings, or use our new "Update all items" feature for a quick refresh. Please note that "Update all items" is currently optimized for banners without translations and those in English.
  • IAB TCF Vendor Selector: Dive into finer control with our newly added IAB TCF vendor selector. You'll find this handy tool in Main Settings. Just navigate to ENABLE IAB TCF 2.2 and select your preferred vendors. It's that simple!

This update is all about enhancing your experience and making compliance with the latest standards as smooth as possible. As always, we're here to help! If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out.

Google certificate and architecture updates

CookieScript is now a Google-certified CMP and meets all necessary requirements to work with Google AdSense, Ad Manager, or AdMob.


  • Google certification for Google AdSense, Ad Manager, or AdMob
  • Google Tag Manager template updates to support regional settings
  • Possibility to download all consents for the selected period as one file
  • Architecture scaling improvements


  • Fixes of known bugs

New Cookie Scanner settings and Global Privacy Control

The update includes three new options which allow more flexible scanning and support for the Global Privacy Control flag. Another improvement fixes the issues with multiple instances of the same script appearing in the Scripts tab when random numbers are used as script source arguments (like Google Ads Remarketing tag). 



  • Improved logic behind script identification. The same scripts, but with different source URLs are now combined into one. All existing scripts for existing banners were combined automatically.


  • Fixes of known bugs

Cookie and Script editing

This update includes many small things to improve the user experience. 


  • Allow editing of cookies while the scan is running or error happened during the last scan
  • New layout for scripts editor in dashboard
  • New option: Banner initialization delay


  • Improved logic behind validation of banner being added to the website
  • Dashboard loading speed improvements


  • Fixes of known bugs

Major dashboard upgrade

Today we are pleased to release our major dashboard update which is more informative and intuitive.


  • Improved design for the item list
  • Website screenshots in the item list in the Dashboard
  • Information about if the banner is added to the website
  • Checklist for each website (what is good and what should be changed)
  • GDPR / CCPA / LGPD / CNIL regulation compliance for every setting for the banner. Hover with a cursor to see the detailed explanation for each regulation. 
  • Visual settings for the banner design
  • Styled Custom CSS field
  • Some settings re-arrangement
  • Minor bugfixes

Geo-targeting Cookie Banner to any country

Since more countries and US states adopt their own privacy regulations, targeting Cookie Banners geographically is becoming more important. To meet the latest requirements, we have adjusted our geo-targeting feature. It now allows you to show your Cookie Banner in any combination of 250 countries and 50 US states.

As always, you can create several banners for different locations and they will work perfectly together. 


GTM templates and links to Provider privacy policy

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is the most popular platform for scripts and tags inclusion to a website without modifying website source code. We are rolling out an update that has the most complete integration with GTM possible. This update includes 2 GTM templates: a Tag template and a consent state Variable template. Those templates make it easier to install CookieScript with Google Consent Mode and adjust Tag behavior based on the Consent State. The GTM documentation has been updated to reflect the new functionality. The new update also includes CookieScript category mapping for 3 more consent types from Google Consent Mode: functionality_storage, personalization_storage, security_storage

We have also updated the Cookie Declaration table, it now includes the cookie provider name and a link to the Provider Privacy Policy. This is an important requirement from Google to validate the website for targeted ads placement.



Minor fixes and improvements

A quick update with the recently requested features.


  • An attribute to restrict banner rendering on the main domain only. Documentation is available here.
  • New option in Behavior tab: URL encode cookie value. This solves a problem with some servers blocking cookies with invalid characters. 


New cookie declaration design added

We have added a completely new design for a detailed cookie declaration window. It shows up after clicking the "Show details" link in the banner. More info about the new design.


Third-party scripts automatic recognition added

Automatic third-party script blocking is a handy feature that helps you to adjust what scripts should be allowed only after user consent. However, it might be a challenging task to find the necessary script in the list of all scripts used by the website. 

Introducing automatic third-party script recognition. This feature will automatically check every script with a library of known scripts. If the script is found in the library, it will show up with a vendor icon, name, and a short description.

According to our tests, the script library is able to recognize 60% of scripts on average.

All existing scripts were also assigned to proper vendors, so you will see script names in existing Cookie Banners too.


  • Automatic third-party script recognition

Improved banner sharing functionality

CookieScript keeps improving services available for agencies. A popular banner sharing functionality got even better. It is now possible to share a banner to any email, even if the user does not have an account at CookieScript

When sharing a banner to an email that is not registered at CookieScript, a new CookieScript user will be created and an email with login and password will be sent to the user. 

This feature is especially useful for agencies that manage client accounts and want to give access to the banner settings or statistics. Previously, agency clients had to register an account to be able to accept sharing invitations. Now, the account is created automatically, and sharing invitations are also accepted automatically for new users. The client only needs to log in with the credentials received by email.


  • CookieScript banner sharing functionality, the banner can be shared to any email.

CookieScript moved to EU-based cloud service provider

Due to a recent legal case with one of our competitors, CookieScript has moved all the cloud resources that might be related to transmitting client data to an EU-based cloud service provider Hetzner

All the servers used by CookieScript were always located within the EU, however, it is no longer enough to keep up with the latest privacy regulations. It is also important to have all sub-contractors and data processors to be registered within the EU.


  • CookieScript changed the sub-contractor to the one that is registered inside the EU.

Major Cookie Scanner update

Over the last months, we've been working on a completely new Cookie Scanner. It was completely rebuilt from the bottom and shows much better cookie scanning results. It is implemented with the latest technologies in processing website data.

Hey, did we mention that the new Cookie Scanner is also two times faster


Cookie banner improvements

Some overall improvements to the system have been rolled out. 



Sharing and Privacy Policy generator

Two big new features are added to CookieScript: banner sharing between accounts and Privacy Policy generator

Banner Sharing between accounts allows users to share banners with other users - perfect for agencies who want to give clients the possibility to see banner statistics or edit settings.



  • Minor improvements to Google Analytics data collection

IAB TCF 2.0 integration

CookieScript is now an approved Consent Management Platform at Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Europe. This means we can offer full integration with IAB Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF). The latest version of TCF 2.0 is fully supported. Integration can be activated in the Main banner settings. When activated, an extra tab will be shown in the "Show details" section. 



Google and Facebook consent modes

New consent modes for Facebook and Google have been implemented and integrated into the Consent Banner code. With those modes, you can keep using Google services and Facebook pixel and be compliant with privacy regulations.

Added help center

After re-structuring of content on Cookie-Script, some of the documentation was moved to a new Help Center. It has a better searching functionality and features some other cool integrations that will be included on the website in the future.


New languages and improved Cookie Database

Cookie-Script now supports even more languages! We have added new languages and improved existing translations, so Cookie-Script now supports 34 languages.

Another big update was done to Cookie Database. We have added a new batch of most used cookies and an improved list of pattern cookies. Thanks to those improvements, Cookie Scanner has become 40% more efficient in categorizing found cookies. 7 out of 10 cookies on average will now be recognized and assigned with category and description. 

All cookie descriptions in the Cookie Database are translated to all 34 languages.


  • New languages added: Arabic, Basque, Catalan, Hindi, Norwegian, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.


  • Cookie Database updated, 40% improvement in cookie categorization comparing to the previous Cookie Database.

Changes to the Cookie-Script Free pricing plan

We love helping people to comply with the latest privacy regulation across the world. As the number of our customers continues to grow, we need to adapt our Free Membership to keep up with the constantly evolving digital world.

Beginning April 1st, 2021, we will be introducing some changes to our Free Membership, including how many websites and pageviews free users will be able to have in their accounts.

Leading up to these changes, you can upgrade to any pricing plan at a limited-time 30% discounted price. Check your email for a discount code or contact us if you haven't received any.

What's changing in Cookie-Script Free accounts?

Beginning April 1st, 2021, Free Cookie-Script accounts will be limited to 2 domains per account and 20.000 page views per month (per account). In case your account exceeds those limits, you will be notified by email first.

Upgrade my account

Offer Terms and Conditions:
An advertised discount is valid for updating free users on their first year of paid membership. Discount is not valid for renewals or existing plan upgrades.

Automatic third-party cookies blocking

The most time-saving feature when making website cookies to comply with privacy regulations is now live! Automatic third-party cookie blocking allows you to block third-party scripts without editing them. Especially handy for scripts inserted by plugins and for non-developers since no coding is now required to block third-party scripts. See the instructions on how to use this new feature.


Stripe payments management

You can now manage your payments directly in the Stripe payment processor. This functionality allows users to manage payment methods and update credit cards for any existing subscriptions. Go to Account > Membership > Update Credit Card button next to the subscription.


  • New functionality: edit Credit Card details directly in Stripe payment processor. 

Cookie description translation update

If new cookies were found during the scanning process or when a new website is scanned, cookie description from our Cookie Database is now automatically taken in default banner language.


  • New cookies description (if available in Cookie Database) is automatically translated to default banner language.

Cookie Scanner settings update

A small update for the Cookie Scanner, you can now optionally set whether you want to also scan cookies on the subdomain pages. More Cookie Scanner updates are on the way.


  • New option: include links from subdomains to the main domain scanning. 


New banner wizard

To make it easier to create a new banner, especially for new users, we have added a new Cookie Banner wizard. It should help you started when creating a new item, fill in necessary fields, and initiate website cookie scanning if needed.


  • New Cookie Banner wizard;
  • New option: Activate "Save and Close" when a user opens a cookie declaration;
  • New option: Cookie Consent ID name.


  • Showing user consent ID in the cookie report table.

Language settings update

We are unrolling translations and language updates for the Cookie Banner settings. You can now choose the main language for your Cookie pop-up Banner and optionally set default translations for all the Cookie Banner settings. Currently, translations in 24 European languages are available, you can also add your own language. More translations are coming up. 

If you have comments on how translation can be improved in your language, drop us a line and we will see how it can be adjusted.


  • Default Cookie Banner language
  • Main settings translations for all available languages


  • The English language fields pre-filled in additional translations
  • Language selection design: country flags added.


  • Saving custom language in additional translations

New design of control panel

Nice and shiny. Welcome, our new control panel is here. It has all the same functionality as before, but now with brand new look and major improvements. Better structured settings, intuitive controls, and faster-loading speed. Let us know if you like it. New ideas for improvements are always welcome. Enjoy the new look!


  • New control panel re-build from scratch. 
  • Minor Cookie Banner improvements

Copying domain from staging to production

This update is intended to fix all the missing translation functionality. The main feature of this update is automated cookie description translation for cookies in our Cookie Database. This means you get pre-defined cookie translations in all languages. Note that you need to re-save your Cookie-Script item in order to get all the cookie descriptions translated.


  • Improved translations for cookie descriptions
  • Improved how expiration date is calculated
  • Cookie Scanner improvements


  • Added statistics data monitor tool to avoid any statistics data losses.
  • Fixed expiration date rounding (now showing more precise interval)

New to CookieScript?

CookieScript helps to make the website ePrivacy and GDPR compliant.

We have all the necessary tools to comply with the latest privacy policy regulations: third-party script management, consent recording, monthly website scans, automatic cookie categorization, cookie declaration automatic update, translations to 34 languages, and much more.