Update log

Cookie-Script development progress

Google and Facebook consent modes

New consent modes for Facebook and Google have been implemented and integrated into the Consent Banner code. With those modes, you can keep using Google services and Facebook pixel and be compliant with privacy regulations.

Added help center

After re-structuring of content on Cookie-Script, some of the documentation was moved to a new Help Center. It has a better searching functionality and features some other cool integrations that will be included on the website in the future.


New languages and improved Cookie Database

Cookie-Script now supports even more languages! We have added new languages and improved existing translations, so Cookie-Script now supports 34 languages.

Another big update was done to Cookie Database. We have added a new batch of most used cookies and an improved list of pattern cookies. Thanks to those improvements, Cookie Scanner has become 40% more efficient in categorizing found cookies. 7 out of 10 cookies on average will now be recognized and assigned with category and description. 

All cookie descriptions in the Cookie Database are translated to all 34 languages.


  • New languages added: Arabic, Basque, Catalan, Hindi, Norwegian, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.


  • Cookie Database updated, 40% improvement in cookie categorization comparing to the previous Cookie Database.

Changes to the Cookie-Script Free pricing plan

We love helping people to comply with the latest privacy regulation across the world. As the number of our customers continues to grow, we need to adapt our Free Membership to keep up with the constantly evolving digital world.

Beginning April 1st, 2021, we will be introducing some changes to our Free Membership, including how many websites and pageviews free users will be able to have in their account.

Leading up to these changes, you can upgrade to any pricing plan at a limited-time 30% discounted price. Check your email for a discount code or contact us if you haven't received any.

What's changing in Cookie-Script Free accounts?

Beginning April 1st, 2021, Free Cookie-Script accounts will be limited to 2 domains per account and 20.000 page views per month (per account). In case your account exceeds those limits, you will be notified by email first.

Upgrade my account

Offer Terms and Conditions:
An advertised discount is valid for updating free users on their first year of paid membership. Discount is not valid for renewals or existing plan upgrades.

Automatic third-party cookies blocking

The most time-saving feature when making website cookies to comply with privacy regulations is now live! Automatic third-party cookie blocking allows you to block third-party scripts without editing them. Especially handy for scripts inserted by plugins and for non-developers since no coding is now required to block third-party scripts. See the instructions on how to use this new feature.


Stripe payments management

You can now manage your payments directly in the Stripe payment processor. This functionality allows users to manage payment methods and update credit cards for any existing subscriptions. Go to Account > Membership > Update Credit Card button next to the subscription.


  • New functionality: edit Credit Card details directly in Stripe payment processor. 

Cookie description translation update

If new cookies were found during the scanning process or when a new website is scanned, cookie description from our Cookie Database is now automatically taken in default banner language.


  • New cookies description (if available in Cookie Database) is automatically translated to default banner language.

Cookie Scanner settings update

A small update for the Cookie Scanner, you can now optionally set whether you want to also scan cookies on the subdomain pages. More Cookie Scanner updates are on the way.


  • New option: include links from subdomains to the main domain scanning. 


  • Cookie Scanner options moved to the Scans page.

New banner wizard

To make it easier to create a new banner, especially for new users, we have added a new Cookie Banner wizard. It should help you started when creating a new item, fill in necessary fields, and initiate website cookie scanning if needed.


  • New Cookie Banner wizard;
  • New option: Activate "Save and Close" when a user opens a cookie declaration;
  • New option: Cookie consent ID name.


  • Showing user consent ID in the cookie report table.

New to CookieScript?

CookieScript helps to make the website ePrivacy and GDPR compliant.

We have all the necessary tools to comply with the latest privacy policy regulations: third-party script management, consent recording, monthly website scans, automatic cookie categorization, cookie declaration automatic update, translations to 34 languages, and much more.