Update log

Cookie-Script development progress

Major functionality and design update

This is one of the biggest updates in design of Cookie-Script pop-up. It also includes a lot of cool features and settings related to behaviour and look of cookie pop-up box.


  • New options added: show / hide any elements. Possibility to disable any element in the pop-up box
  • New option added: check all cookie category checkboxes by default
  • New option added: rounded or square button style
  • New buttons added: accept all / reject all / close icon
  • New improved analytics: now tracking clicks on new elements with a help of Amazon Web Services


  • Complete re-design of cookie pop-up boxes from scratch. Designed for better feel and look
  • Removed one of cookie pop-up box designs. It's now part of of first design
  • Unused cookie categories are not displayed in cookie pop-up box
  • Cookie policy link moved to main text
  • Cookie badge completely re-designed: fancy animation and nicer look
  • Updated hints and descriptions for all options according to new design changes

Things to note:

  • New design and changes will only appear after you re-save your Cookie-Script item (or click Update all button in your account)
  • Since there are new options, there are default values assigned to them. You might need to consider if you want to change those default settings on existing items
  • It is not recommended to click Update all button if you have a lot of Cookie-Script items due to auto assigned default values which you might want to change
  • Due to major design updates, there might be some styling issues in very special cases. You are always welcome to drop us a line and we will fix those issues ASAP