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Local Storage and Session Storage scanning and blocking

The new feature is designed to enhance transparency and compliance with data privacy regulations. When used, the CookieBanner displays information about the Local Storage and Session Storage used by a website in its cookie declaration. This includes details about the type of data stored and the purpose of the storage. The inclusion of local and session storage in the cookie declaration helps users understand how their data is being used and stored, alongside traditional cookies. This option is particularly useful for websites looking to provide comprehensive information about all types of data storage they utilize, thereby fostering trust and ensuring compliance with privacy laws.

All cookie scans from 2024-01-15 will automatically pick up Local Storage and Session Storage from your website. Showing them in the banner is optional and can be enabled in your banner > Cookies > "Show Local Storage and Session Storage in cookie declaration". If the website was scanned before 2024-01-15, you can just re-scan it. Local Storage and Session Storage can be assigned to categories in your banner > Cookies > Storage report tab. By default, all storages land in the Strictly Necessary category, you can assign them to a different category manually.


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