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Update log

New Updates to Boost User Experience and Analytics

CookieScript, a leader in cookie consent management solutions, has just released a batch of exciting updates aimed at enhancing both functionality and user insight:

1. Consent Reset Options
We've made managing client consents easier than ever! You can now reset consents directly from your dashboard or set them to reset automatically whenever new cookies are found. This feature is perfect for maintaining compliance as your website evolves. Check it out under Banner Settings > Consent and Banner Settings > Scanner.

2. Detailed Banner Analytics
Our Banner Analytics have gotten a major upgrade! You can now see detailed counts of how many visitors saw the consent banner and their actions—whether they accepted or declined cookies. This gives you a clearer picture of user engagement and consent preferences.

3. Customizable Language Names
To better serve our diverse global users, you can now customize language names in the consent banner. This ensures that everyone understands their choices, no matter what language they speak.

4. Unlimited Daily Scans for Paid Plans
For those in the midst of website development, unrestricted daily scans are now available on all paid plans. This means you can scan as often as needed during development stages to ensure compliance from start to finish—without worrying about hitting limits.

5. Improved Code Performance
We’ve also polished up our codebase, leading to smoother operations and a more reliable platform for managing your cookie consents.

These friendly updates are designed to make your experience with CookieScript not just more compliant, but also more enjoyable and efficient. We're excited to see how these new features help you manage consents more effectively!


  • Consent Reset Options
  • Customizable Language Names


  • More detailed Banner Analytics
  • Unlimited Daily Scans for Paid Plans

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