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Cookie Declaration Inside Cookie Consent Banner

Cookie Declaration table is an important feature that allows you to notify website users about what cookies are actually used on the website. CookieScript allows you to include Cookie Declaration automatically on any page

However, sometimes it's also handy to just show what cookies are you using right inside the banner. CookieScript allows you to do that too. 

In order to activate this feature, enable Show cookie declaration in the banner feature in the Main settings tab. This will include a similar table to your banner:


What does the Cookie Declaration include?

Cookie Declaration table appears by clicking More details link in cookie popup.

Cookie Declaration table includes: 

  • Cookie Declaration tab - includes the following parts: 
    • Cookie categories selector
    • Cookie category description for every category
    • List of cookies for every category
      1. Name of the cookie
      2. Cookie Domain
      3. Expiration time
      4. Cookie Description
  • About Cookies tab - a short text explaining what are cookies and how you use them for the website. 
  • Text saying when Cookie Report was generated.

Technically, this table can completely replace your Cookie Policy. You can just create a link to displaying a banner on any page and the user will be able to see Cookie Policy by clicking on that link.

Once your website is re-scanned, cookie declaration inside the banner will be automatically updated.

I like how it looks!

Yes, we did spend quite some extra time to make it look nice. And you can still choose whether you want to use rounded corners or not.


Small details are important. That's why we have added some animation to the table, so it doesn't just appear suddenly. 

Adjustable size

We also made sure this table properly adjusts to any screen size (unlike most of our competitors), so it will also look nice on mobile screens, without the need to scroll horizontally. 


Cookie Declaration table works and looks nice in all modern browsers. We even included backward-compatibility for older browsers like Internet Explorer (down to IE version 9). So you can be sure all your visitors will see Cookie Consent popup correctly.

Cookie Declaration table always keeps white color, although active element color is chosen automatically: it's either your "Accept" button (green by default) or banner background color. You can adjust colors using Custom CSS option.

New to CookieScript?

CookieScript helps to make the website ePrivacy and GDPR compliant.

We have all the necessary tools to comply with the latest privacy policy regulations: third-party script management, consent recording, monthly website scans, automatic cookie categorization, cookie declaration automatic update, translations to 34 languages, and much more.