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What is Cookie Consent and Why Should it Matter to Website Owners?

Nowadays, online privacy is becoming more and more relevant. As stricter laws regarding the collection of data from users are being implemented constantly, businesses operating in the online medium must adapt quickly to maintain a reliable and trustworthy reputation.

That's why solutions like the CookieScript cookie consent plugin are necessary to integrate into an online business website. This way, you allow users to choose what data they allow to be collected and make sure your business complies with regulations.

You will learn everything you need to know regarding cookie consent, the GDPR cookie consent law, and find answers to questions such as "Is cookie consent required?" and "Does GDPR require cookie consent?".

What is Cookie Consent?

Cookie consent refers to an act of giving a visitor on your website a choice on whether they want to allow cookies to collect data about them on your website. This isn't a recommendation. It is a legal requirement for international e-commerce businesses and websites in general.

For example, the EU's GDPR cookie consent and other strict data laws specify that every website visitor has a  right to decide on what data they want to allow businesses to collect, use and share for their business operations.

With these regulations becoming more and more firm, it has become necessary for business website owners to implement certain solutions that will help their websites easily adapt to these ever-changing rules regarding online privacy.

Most business people would agree that online commerce is inseparable from data, whether it’s marketing, analytics, or general business growth strategies. But with much harsher rules regarding its operation and collection, it's crucial to find the necessary balance between users’ privacy and your actions.

CookieScript can be the perfect choice for your business website with the implementation of an automated cookie consent system, allowing you to continue your business operations at ease.

What is CookieScript and How Can it Help Your Website?

CookieScript isn't simply a basic plugin that helps your website continue its operations.

It is a complete compliance management tool aimed to help your website adapt to the ever-changing landscape of user privacy on the internet, regardless of which regulatory law is in question - GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, or any other.

Main Features of CookieScript

As we already mentioned, CookieScript is designed to take care of all of your privacy consent needs, however, there are a few main things we want to emphasize to better illustrate in what ways the system can help you.

Here are the main CookieScript tools and their features.

Fully customizable Cookie Banner

The CookieScript Cookie Banner is designed to be fully customizable and operate in a responsive and user-friendly manner. You can create a banner that is appealing visually, clear to visitors, and complies with any consent preferences type.

The CookieScript team of specialists along with useful articles in the blog section are here to help you create the perfectly functioning banner.

Cookie Scanner

The CookieScript cookie scanner is designed to automatically detect, categorize, and help you describe all of the cookies that you currently collect from users on your website.

If any changes to the site occur, simply perform a new scan to update the lists and categories of the cookies being collected.

This tool is completely free, so you can try it out even without a subscription. Just enter your website in the box below and scan it.

While many similar solutions offer this, not all Cookie Consent implementations can collect cookies from more complex websites that require more advanced techniques and know-how.

With CookieScript you get an instrument with a pre-built catalog of the most common Cookie categories and monthly updates to stay ahead of the curve.

Privacy Policy Generator

Having a professional-looking and informative Privacy Policy is a must for any online business, regardless of niche. However, not everyone has the know-how to compose such an agreement themselves, especially when it comes to compliance with GDPR, CCPA, and other strict regulatory laws. An inconsistent or poorly-made one can even leave your business entity vulnerable to being taken advantage of.

The CookieScript Privacy Policy generator is designed to create the perfect document that specifies the details about the way your business operates, how it complies with privacy regulations, and ensures the data security of clients.

Cookie control module

The CookieScript cookie consent banner also comes with a module that allows users to easily control what cookie categories they do or do not consent with, be it first- or third-party ones. These may include:

  • Strictly necessary cookies
  • Targeting cookies
  • Analytical cookies

As the manager, you'll be able to customize the plugin by using one of the pre-built templates or individualizing it according to your brand.

Cookie consent manager

It should be noted that CookieScript operates in a way that not only registers but also stores the cookie preferences of each visitor safely in your database.

As mentioned earlier, you can customize the banner that you use to adjust your brand image, including coloring, content, among other stuff.

This is a useful feature if you're trying to create a banner for obtaining consent from people in different geolocations, on websites using different content management systems as well as different for use in analytical and/or marketing tools.

Integration support

The CookieScript cookie consent notice offers another major benefit as a cookie compliance solution in the way of easy integration for different business platforms. All of this can be done by adding a few lines of a script tag accordingly.

You can integrate CookieScript with the following products/platforms:

  1. WordPress
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Google Tag Manager
  4. Joomla
  5. Magento
  6. Shopify

Script manager

All of the main scripts that you will use in controlling first and Third-Party Cookies collection, can be done right from the main dashboard of the tool. Carefully evaluate each script and how it works to obtain the best results for yourself and your users.

If the user doesn't want to or hasn't yet given their explicit consent for you to operate their data, you can easily control what cookies to automatically block from use and what to allow. This again eases operations.

GDPR and Cookie Consent: How to Comply with the EU's Strict privacy laws?

The GDPR cookie consent law is arguably the strictest set of rules in use on the internet today regarding the control of personal information. The general idea of the ruleset is that you, as the website owner, must obtain explicit consent from the user before any of your website trackers start doing their job and processing personal information.

This applies to any user located in the EU area, regardless of where you are from as a business. If consent is not formally obtained before your trackers begin collecting data, this could be considered an illegal method of obtaining personal information from a user.

Most privacy laws that are in use today grant the end-user the power to decide on how their data is used. This means that for businesses that work with EU clients, having a Cookie Consent popup that enables users to specifically select what personal data your website trackers can collect and use is an absolute must.

See more details about GDPR and other data privacy laws here.

GDPR cookie consent requirements

As mentioned earlier, the GDPR user privacy law is very strict and clear in terms of what your website must do to be compliant. That’s why a GDPR cookie consent plugin such as CookieScript can help you out immensely.

Generally speaking, the cookie consent requirements for websites are as follows:

  • Before you can activate any trackers on your website and use cookies to process personal data, explicit consent must be obtained from the user's end, apart from necessary cookies used in general website operations.
  • For your Cookie Banner, you must implement the granular consent principle, which means that users can freely select what type of cookies they agree or not to. A cookie consent plugin can help you categorize cookies in terms of marketing, analytics, among others, and make that selection more simple.
  • User consent must be given freely, which means it cannot be forced or pushed for in any way from your side.
  • Users should be able to withdraw consent from your website for any prior consent given, just as easily.
  • Any explicit or implied consent given should be stored safely and securely within your database, with such agreements being considered as sensitive legal documents.
  • Every website is required to renew its user consent at least once per year. This means to obtain cookie consent once again, you will have to prompt users after a certain period.

Your Best Cookie Consent Solution

Nowadays, the issue of online privacy is a sensitive one, which raises many concerns for website owners.

If you want your brand to build a safe and trustworthy image regarding users’ data and privacy, you must follow the appropriate practices and go with an optimal, all-around cookie consent solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to implement cookie consent on my website?

Yes, you must. Regardless of the market that you're operating in, currently, there are just too many strict data laws in place regarding user privacy. CookieScript is a cookie consent solution that not only informs your users on what you collect but allows consenting and is the perfect way to avoid any trouble regarding your data operations.

Are cookie consent solutions necessary for tools such as Google Analytics?

Yes, they are. Google Analytics is a powerful tool for website owners that helps them to analyze and anticipate user behavior and to build worthwhile marketing strategies. However, all of this is based on website cookies that collect personal data about users. A Consent Management Platform like CookieScript will ensure that the cookies on your website only collect data from users you managed to obtain consent from.

Does GDPR require cookie consent?

If you plan to make yourself available for website visitors from the EU region, cookie consent will be required regarding the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. Cookie Consent banner from CookieScript can not only help you tackle this issue, but also allow you to categorize your cookies and allow users to consent only to what they agree to and opt-out from anything else.

How do I make my own Cookie Consent banner?

With a tool like CookieScript, developing your cookie notice is extremely easy. You'll have a choice from several templates to get a jump start, with plenty of further design customization to further align with your brand in terms of coloring, style, and display text. More details on how to compose your cookie banner with CookieScript. In terms of information, the banner should display the key points on third- and first-party cookies you collect, detail their usage, and whether or not you plan on sharing the information you collect.

How to block cookies before consent?

If you're knowledgeable about programming yourself or have the right personnel in your team, you can code a specific script to block all cookies from being collected unless you receive consent from users. Or you could simply go with a consent management solution such as CookieScript. With this cookie consent plugin, you can automate many tasks regarding cookie collection and ensure that no non-essential cookies are being collected unless the user clicks the consent button.

New to CookieScript?

CookieScript helps to make the website ePrivacy and GDPR compliant.

We have all the necessary tools to comply with the latest privacy policy regulations: third-party script management, consent recording, monthly website scans, automatic cookie categorization, cookie declaration automatic update, translations to 34 languages, and much more.