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What are Strictly Necessary Cookies?

Strictly necessary cookies are essential for websites to provide basic functions or to access particular features of it. Such features include the ability to sign in, add items to your cart in an online store, or purchase stuff on the internet. Most websites that require users to log in would not work properly without strictly necessary cookies. Such cookies might store user settings and even provide security for websites. Strictly necessary cookies are also known as essential cookies.

Strictly necessary cookies are first-party session cookies, however, not all first-party cookies are strictly necessary cookies. They allow a user to navigate between website pages without losing their previous data, such as sign-in data or online store cart details.

Strictly necessary cookies do not require user consent – all cookie laws, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Law (CCPA) allow essential cookies to be exempt from collecting user consent before performing their actions. However, certain cookie laws do require that the website still informs the user of the use and purpose of the essential cookies. It is recommended to inform the users of your website of the reasons behind each category of the cookie used on your website.

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