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How to Opt-Out of Cookies?

Opting out of cookies should be a clear option when visiting a website. All reliable cookie management tools provide an such opportunity on their cookie banners since they have to be compliant with recent data privacy laws.

Considering lot of people won’t trust a website to store their location, IP address, browsing activity, and other sensitive information, they choose to opt out of cookies. If you want to opt-out of cookies, when you are visiting the website for the first time, you should select “decline” or close the cookie popup once it shows up on your computer screen, mostly on the bottom left corner.

However, if you have already accepted cookies before and want to change your decision, there should be an option for you to opt-out too. Look for a cookie notification on one of the corners of your browser when visiting a website and it should allow you to opt-out of them if you don’t want your data to be collected for analytical or personalization purposes.

Nevertheless, on certain occasions, it is impossible to opt out of cookies. That can happen if a website uses strictly necessary cookies to save user information, such as login details or items in a virtual shopping bag. Strictly necessary cookies are vital for a website to function properly and all users have to accept them if they want to use all the available features on a website.