Cookie-Script development progress

Update log

GTM templates and links to Provider privacy policy

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is the most popular platform for scripts and tags inclusion to a website without modifying website source code. We are rolling out an update that has the most complete integration with GTM possible. This update includes 2 GTM templates: a Tag template and a consent state Variable template. Those templates make it easier to install CookieScript with Google Consent Mode and adjust Tag behavior based on the Consent State. The GTM documentation has been updated to reflect the new functionality. The new update also includes CookieScript category mapping for 3 more consent types from Google Consent Mode: functionality_storage, personalization_storage, security_storage

We have also updated the Cookie Declaration table, it now includes the cookie provider name and a link to the Provider Privacy Policy. This is an important requirement from Google to validate the website for targeted ads placement.



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