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What is Opt-Out Consent?

In everyday life, to opt out means to unsubscribe to electronic newsletters or disagree with user terms and conditions. Speaking about cookies, if you decide to opt out of them, the website you’re visiting will not track your data. 

opt-out consent is a consent model when users decide to opt-out of tracking. If you want your Cookie Banner to stay GDPR and CCPA compliant, it should have an option for users to opt-out of data collection. Your cookie banner should have all the necessary information so users can read it and then make an informed decision whether or not they should opt-out of data tracking for personalization and analytical purposes.

However, on certain occasions, it can be impossible to opt out of data tracking. That could be impossible if the website has strictly necessary cookies – they are essential for users to browse the website and access its features. For example, if you’re visiting an online shop, without strict cookies you wouldn’t be able to put items in your shopping cart. Therefore, opting out is not necessarily an option on some occasions.