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What is a privacy policy?

Websites track users' personal data for advertising, analytics or other purposes through cookies. A Privacy Policy is a legal document that discloses how a company deals with the website user's personal data. The Privacy Policy should inform the user of the following tasks:

  • What user data is collected?
  • Why user data is collected?
  • How user data is collected?
  • How user data is processed?
  • How user data is protected?
  • Do you keep user data confidential?
  • If user data is shared or sold to third parties, which are the third parties?
  • How can a user manage or opt-out of data gathering?
  • How can a user request to access or delete their personal data?
  • How can a user contact you?

It is required by some laws to expressly state if the company keeps users' data confidential or it is shared with or sold to third parties, such as marketing agencies. The Privacy Policy should be clearly written and easily accessible on the website.

Several laws require companies to have a Privacy Policy, such as GDPR, CCPA, and others.

Create a unique and professional privacy policy for your business or website.