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What Is A Consent Management Platform

What is Consent Management Platform (CMP) and How Does it Work?

Questions such as what is CMP or what does CMP stand for occur when someone is concerned about safety or privacy online.

Especially if you own a website that not only wants to ensure its visitors can surf safely online but also aims to comply with all major data privacy laws worldwide.

If you’re looking for such solutions for your website, keep reading – CookieScript has everything you need to sort your website out.

But first, let’s find out what is CMP and how can you make your website GDPR consent without too much effort.

What is a Consent Management Platform?

The answer to the question what does CMP stand for is in the title of this section – the abbreviation CMP means Consent Management Platform.

A Consent Management Platform is a tool that controls user consent on websites. It manages how the visitor’s personal information is handled.

The process of collection happens through cookies. Once you visit a website, usually a Cookie Banner pops up and asks for your consent to collect and manage your data. CMP management tools help websites to collect and manage their users’ data in a way that the process of collection is simple and transparent.

Such cookie manager platforms, for example, the one that CookieScript offers, are built to comply with the latest data privacy laws, such as:

So if you want your website to be compliant with all the latest privacy laws, you should choose CookieScript as your consent management platforfm. It detects and scans your cookies so your users can give their consent without any worry. Try CookieScript's unique Cookie Scanner by entering a website's address to scan below:

How does the Consent Management Platform work?

Since you know the answers to questions what is CMP and what does CMP stand for, let’s dive deep into the process of consent management.

A quick cookie manager, like CookieScript, has certain steps in how it behaves but it also provides you with full control over many aspects of it.

Firstly, it displays cookie banners to users and asks for their consent on data collection and usage. You can modify what particular data you would like to be collected, of course.

consent management definition

A CookieScript Cookie Banner example

Secondly, a CMP tracker does not start its duties before consent is given. It means that before the user agrees to share its data, the cookie manager blocks any possible scripts from running and collecting sensitive information.

Moreover, if you choose CookieScript, its tracker will scan your website and block Third-Party Cookies automatically every month, so you won't need to worry about that at all. 

Finally, if the agreement to collect cookies is given, the platform, for proof of compliance, records user consents on your website and stores them in an online database.

CMP management involves several processes and can be a tough task, but with CookieScript covering all the hardest bits for you, your website’s life can be a lot easier.

And you will have full control of how the management process should look like for your visitors – CookieScript cookie banners can be easily modified for your needs. So why wait? Register with CookieScript just by clicking the button below.

Why should you need a CMP?

If you’ve come this far in the article, you may care a bit more than just to know what CMP stands for. Moving on, here are the reasons you may need a paid or free CMP for your website.

It all starts with the regulation. If your website tracks cookies and makes use of them, to comply with the latest privacy laws, you will need a CMP to rely on.

Such privacy regulations as the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) require that a website obtains consent from its users before collecting data. Otherwise, it can be seen as a breach of law and your website might be in trouble if you fail to notify your users and give them the option to opt-out of cookies.

consent management example

GDPR consent Cookie Banner from CookieScript example

Even if you’re not sure whether or not you need GDPR consent for your website, you will need CMP if you keep an eye on the statistics.

For example, if you use Google Analytics to collect information, your website probably won’t last long without consent management.

If you fail to secure a consent management platform, you might get into serious trouble for collecting sensitive information without notifying your users and receiving their consent.

Of course, it depends on the laws and regulations where your website and its users are based, but most of the time you will need to learn how to use cookie manager and to get one to avoid huge fines for data law breaches.

Features of a CookieScript CMP

Consent Management Platform is not just about what’s in the name of it. With CookieScript, a CMP can offer much more than just that - you get total control to modify your website. A solid CMP fits any website – it doesn’t matter if you’re an up-and-coming blogger or a global company.

Here are some of the features CookieScript offers:

  1. User-friendly, responsive, and highly customizable Cookie Consent Banner.
  2. Scanning your website cookies and creating a detailed Cookie Declaration report.
  3. Automatically describing and categorizing detected cookies using CookieScript Cookie Database.
  4. Blocking first-party and third-party cookies according to the user's preferences.
  5. Allowing your website users to withdraw Cookie Consent at any time on any page.
  6. Integrating with all popular website building platforms.

Try all the features today - click the button below to register with CookieScript:

Not satisfied yet? There are even more features to ensure your website is compliant with the latest data privacy laws and provide safe online surfing for your visitors.

Additional CookieScript features include:

Google Consent Mode with CookieScript

CookieScript’s services are fully integrated with the Google Consent Mode that allows your CMP to become a Google Consent Management Platform. Such a cookie manager feature is included in all the pricing plans out there.

Not only Google Consent Mode is key for all the stats geeks that are working hard to attract bigger readership to their website, but also for those who are looking for a balance between data privacy compliance and analytics.

What Google Consent Mode does is allow your website to run all the usual Google tracking services, like Analytics, but only if your user allows it to do so. That is why it’s now included in the consent management platform that CookieScript offers. Even if you decide to choose the free CMP option if you’re running a small website that needs a simple cookie banner.

Choose the best Consent Management Solution

Now that you’ve found out the answers to “what is CMP” and “what does CMP stand for”, you may choose a platform to work with.

CookieScript offers its services in 34 languages and is compliant with all the latest data privacy laws around the world. It also works in tandem with Google Consent Mode to ensure that your website follows users’ consent requests.

Take a look at our pricing plans, and register for an account today. It is possible to choose the best quick cookie manager solution affordably and manage a CMP in compliance with privacy regulations. Register with CookieScript today.

Frequently asked questions

What is a consent management platform?

A Consent Management Platform (CMP) is a platform that controls user consent on websites. It manages how the visitor’s personal information is handled. The process of collection happens through cookies – when you visit a website, a Cookie Banner pops up and asks for your consent to collect and manage your data. Find the best CMP solution here.

What is consent management?

Consent management is a process when customers determine what personal information they are willing to share with a business, for example, a website. A CMP, like CookieScript, has certain steps in how it behaves but it also provides you with full control over certain aspects of it. Find out more here.

How do consent management platforms work?

A consent management platform’s (CMP) actions start with a Cookie Banner. Once the user enters a website, a cookie banner pops up and asks for its consent to collect personal data and that is how CMP works. Find your best CMP solution here.

How to manage Cookie Consent?

Managing Cookie Consent should be a fair and informed process, where users have complete freedom to make decisions on how their personal data is treated. Information on your cookie banner must be clear to understand before your user decides whether or not to share sensitive information with your website. Choose the best solution with CookieScript.

What is a consent management system?

A consent management system is a system that controls and collects user consent on websites. The process of collection happens through cookies – when you visit a website, a cookie banner pops up and asks for your consent to collect and manage your data. CookieScript offers the best CMS solution here.

New to CookieScript?

CookieScript helps to make the website ePrivacy and GDPR compliant.

We have all the necessary tools to comply with the latest privacy policy regulations: third-party script management, consent recording, monthly website scans, automatic cookie categorization, cookie declaration automatic update, translations to 34 languages, and much more.