All instructions about how to set up Cookie-Script properly

There are 2 main modes of Cookie-Script depending on how strict you want it to be, it's called Consent mode:


Implied : All cookies are set at visitor’s computer as usual and visitor is just informed about cookies. We call it “the soft way”

Explicit : This option is used by default because that's a requirement for GDPR. If this option is used, no cookies will be stored on visitor’s computer until visitor agrees with cookie policy. We call it “the hard way”.

Things to note when using explicit mode:

  • Removing cookies can influence workflow of your website. For example, visitor will not be able to login until he agrees with your cookie policy. If you have a webshop, it is not recommended to use explicit mode since visitors will not be able to make any purchases before they agree with cookie policy.
  • If you are using some analytics software (like Google Analytics), explicit cookie consent mode might mess up your analytics data since each pageview (even from same visitor) will be tracked as new and unique visitor.
  • In case you have a simple website without any analytics software installed, you should not have any problems using explicit cookie consent mode.