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Cookie Banner Sharing

Web agencies need the functionality to share a Cookie Banner with a client. This would allow agencies to have control over all the cookie banners and give the client the ability to either monitor statistics or adjust banner settings.

CookieScript has the functionality of Cookie Banner sharing between accounts. The Cookie Banner sharing could be done very easily:

  • Share Cookie Banner with another user
  • Another user accepts sharing invitation
  • Done, the banner can now be accessed by both users.

Cookie Banner can be shared in 2 ways: read-only and full access.

Read-only mode allows invited users to only view information about the banner, see statistics and download Cookie Consents. Perfect for agencies who do not want their customers to mess up the settings.

Full access banner sharing between accounts can be initiated by users with selected pricing plans. See our pricing page for more details.

Few aspects to remember:

  • An invited user does not need to create a CookieScript account to accept sharing. If the invited user does not have an account, it will be created automatically and the client will receive an email with the credentials to access a shared banner.
  • Due to privacy regulations, the owner of the banner will not see any information about the invited user until the invitation is accepted.
  • The banner can be shared in full access or read-only modes.
  • Any party can stop sharing at any time.
  • Banners that are shared are only counted in the owner's account. This means any user can accept an unlimited number of banners.

The shared Cookie Banner will have all the functionality that is available for the owner of the banner. This means if a Plus pricing plan user shares a banner with a Free user, a Free user can use all the Plus features for this banner.