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Is Your Cookie Banner GDPR Compliant?

CookieScript Cookie Banner complies with all major privacy laws, including GDPR. Since different countries have different privacy laws, it is important to set up the right Cookie Banner. CookieScript Cookie Banner has a geo-targeting function, which allows determining the website user's locations and automatically selecting adequate banners, based on the websites users' locations. So, different Cookie Banners are used for different locations.

Some companies use a marketing trick and say that a Cookie Banner of another company is not DGPR compliant, so basically, all other Cookie Consent management platforms fail except their platform. It is technically not possible to scan website compliance with all GDPR regulations since some of them happen on the server and are not accessible from the outside. In addition, different cookie scanners use different technologies for cookies detection, thus detected cookie lists by different cookie scanners could be slightly different.

To make your website compliant with privacy laws, you should use the Google user privacy guide as a reference.

CookieScript Cookie Scanner has a pre-built database of cookies and on average detects 80% of your website cookies. In addition, it automatically detects special cookies with unique or random names.