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What is a Cookie Banner?

There are privacy laws, such as GDPR in Europe, California's CCPA or Virginia's VCDPA in the US, and others, which regulate what businesses and organizations can do with the website users' sensitive personal data that they collect. Businesses must obtain users’ consent to collect and manage users' private data before the use of cookies or similar tracking technologies.

A Cookie Consent Banner is a notice that is displayed on websites and other apps upon the user's visit, which informs the user what kinds of cookies the website uses, how the cookies are used, what information the website collects about the user, and whom that information is shared with. Most importantly, the Cookie Banner serves for the website owner to get cookie consent from the website users to use cookies on their devices and process their personal data. The Cookie Banner must be noticeable and in an easily accessible form.

The Cookie Banner must also have a possibility to opt-out of the cookie consent. There are two main types of Cookie Consent modes:

Implied Cookie Consent mode means to grant permission or access to track website users' activity and collect personal information when visiting a website. Implied Cookie Consent mode needs to be freely given, specific, informed, and unambiguous. The implied Cookie Consent must include:

  • Information about the types of cookies that the business intends to use on the website
  • Notice the right to opt-out of the cookies and collection of personal data.
  • A link to the business' privacy policy or the cookie policy.

Websites, that use cookies, must have a Cookie Policy- a legal document that provides detailed information about cookies used on the website. Website owners must also have a Privacy Policy- a legal document that discloses how a company deals with the website user's personal data.

Explicit Cookie Consent mode means rejecting permission or access to track website users' activity and collect personal information when visiting a website. Explicit Cookie Consent mode should be used by default because that's a requirement for most privacy laws.

CookieScript Cookie Banner offers one of the best on the market custom functions:

  • Configurable. The banner is one of the most configurable banners on the market, which allows adjusting to your website's design.
  • Customized. You could write a script and add additional features or functions, such as animations, custom and adjustable design, different sizes, etc.
  • Has a geo-targeting function, which allows selecting adequate privacy laws, based on locations.
  • Cookie declaration includes Cookie Provider and third-parties information.
  • All elements are adjustable.
  • Tested and approved by 200.000+ websites.