Ready for the new Google Consent Mode v2?

Starting from March 13, 2024 you have to use Google Consent Mode v2 to comply with the latest regulations

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How a Consent Management Platform Can Help?

A Consent Management Platform (CMP) provides all the functionality for your Cookie Banner to be compliant with the latest privacy laws. You can use Cookie Banner templates, thus you do not have to create your banner from zero.

CookieScript CMP will enable you to select which privacy laws are relevant to your company and which web technologies your website uses. Since GDPR, CCPA and other regulations are very different, CookieScript CMP has the possibility to include different banners for different locations. This could be done through the functionality of geo-targeting. Different cookie banners will not conflict with each other and the proper script will be taken for each location.

Our CMP provides a Cookie Banner automatic translation into 34 languages, plus you could add your custom language.

CookieScript CMP will also provide full customization for you to include the exact text and links to your privacy policy. The visual appearance of the banner could fit your branding.

Our CMP records user consents and stores them for future use. User consents and other Cookie Banner data are accessible to you. If you ever need the data for audit, you could download the data in csv format.