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How to Create a Cookie Banner?

There are privacy laws, such as GDPR in Europe, California's CCPA or Virginia's VCDPA in the US, and others, which regulate what businesses and organizations can do with the website users' sensitive personal data that they collect. Businesses must obtain users’ consent to collect and manage users' private data before the use of cookies or similar tracking technologies. The most common way to get users’ consent is through a Cookie Banner.

The easiest way to create your Cookie Banner is by using the Consent Management Platform. You could simply add your business information regarding cookies by using templates. Please see the guides on how to create and set up a new Cookie Banner.

A guide about how to create a new Cookie Banner.

A guide about how to install a Cookie Banner into your website.

A guide for changing Cookie Banner language.

If you need time for website development, testing, or improvements, you could use a so-called staging website or a sandbox website. You could implement your Cookie Banner in a testing environment for testing purposes. We even offer one domain for free for testing purposes. When you are satisfied with your testing Cookie Banner, you could simply move it from a staging to a production domain.

The guide on how to move a Cookie Banner from a staging to a production domain.

CookieScript Cookie Banner has these advantages:

  • Custom Cookie Banner. With CookieScript you can easily create and modify your custom Cookie Banner. You can change the color scheme, buttons, and all the other features on the banner.
  • Unique Privacy Policy Generator and automatic language detection.
  • Geo-targeting function.
  • Records cookie consents on your behalf. If you want to work independently, you can also download and host the code yourself.
  • Could be optimized for various devices to give your visitors a user-friendly experience.
  • Cookie declaration includes Cookie Provider and third-parties information.
  • All elements are adjustable.
  • Tested and approved by 200.000+ websites.